Fisher Lassies CDs

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£5.00 each excl. p/p


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Track listing

1.  Song of the Fishgutters

2.  A’ the week

3.  Sleepy Desert

4.  Hal and Tow

5.  By the Green Grove

6.  The Three Ravens

7.  Fisherman’s Wife

8.  The Leaboy’s Lassie

9.  The Wren

10.  Down in Yon Forest

11.  Herring Shoals

Track listing

1. Penny for the Ploughboy

2. Rantin’ Dog

3.  Slave’s Lament

4.  Polwart on the Green

5.  Fine Flowers in the Valley

6.  Hey, Ca’ Thro’

7.  Ca’ the Yowes

8.  The Doffing Mistress

9.  April morning

10.  Lowlands Away

11.  I’ll Fly Away

12.  The Birds were Singing

13.  Her Bright Smile Haunts me Still

14.  Herod & the Cock

15.  George Dunn’s Wassail